Bye-Bye Year 3!

One last bit of news before we go…

Daniel has just sent me this great photo of himself and his carnival mask/headgear that he has created. It’s too good not to share Daniel…

I hope you are all enjoying the last day of the Summer Term!

Goodbye for now Year 3. I can’t quite believe that it is the last day before the Summer Holidays! Thank you so much for all of your emails, photos and messages during Lockdown, they really cheered me up. Here is a final little message from me on your last day…

Rob’s Kitchen

A lesson all about drawing sound. You will listen to three pieces of music and draw in response to each one. It’s time to let your pen/pencil move to the music!Enjoy!

And here is Rob’s final video for the Summer Term…

Story Time

You have two lovely stories today. First up is ‘Jack and the Flum Flum Tree’ read by Mrs Hetherington 

Next up is Mr Wolff with ‘Burglar Bill’. Enjoy!

And here is this week’s news…

Tilly has been working hard on her Island model. It is completely made of clay! Look out for snakes, a lizard, a wolf pup, a cave, a wooden hut, coconuts and a bunny which has been bitten by the snakes! There is also a dolphin in the sea. Well done Tilly!

A huge well done to Yara too, who has been working really hard on her piano playing! Check out these short video clips! I am sure you will recognise these tunes!

Pavan went to visit some friends at a farm this week. He had a great time and saw lots of animals.

Lily being very fit and active during sports week!
Lily went to The Rising Sun and made dens and a fake campfire. She also found lots of tiny tiny frogs and spent a long time rescuing them from footpaths! She also took a stroll through Armstrong Park and found some lost island style ruins.

Tuesday Tunes

This week's song is 'Great Day'. Let's hope it is a great day for everyone! Enjoy! 

It wouldn’t be Tuesday without a sing-along with our lovely Mr Chapman and his daughter, Grace. Get your shades at the ready because this week we are singing ‘Here Comes the Sun’. Hopefully if we sing loud enough the sun will shine! Enjoy.

Here we are…the last week of the Summer Term

I can’t quite believe that this is the last week of the summer term. This year certainly has not gone the way that we would have expected. I hope that you enjoy our ‘CARNIVAL’ theme and manage to celebrate the last week of Year 3 in your own special way.

To start off this week, please join us in our virtual assembly this morning. It is all about fears and how to face them.

Linked to our Carnival Week, and to celebrate ‘Cragside: Together and Apart’, we would like your help to revive The Chiming Tree. This is the large tree by the pond in Paddy Freeman’s Park . ‘Friends of Paddy Freeman’ have given Cragside families the go-ahead to help decorate the tree. Check out the document below if you would like to get involved. If all we work together, the tree might become magical again!

Home learning for the last week of term…CARNIVAL!

Check out the files below for your suggested activities and timetable.

The overview of your Literacy tasks for this week includes all the links that you need to complete this week’s Literacy activities.

TUESDAY aliteration task -see overview

Here is the link to this week’s video tutorials.

Wednesday 8th July – Time for our mid-week catch up and story time.

Hello! It’s me! With a short story about a Panda and a very patient little penguin. Hope you enjoy it!
Happy Birthday Daniel! Hope you had a lovely time celebrating your birthday on Monday!
Isha and Amber, her fish!
Well done Leila! You managed to exercise every day last week. What super, active photos.

My boys and I had a try at the Community challenge this week and found the majority of the leaves from the leaf identification sheet around Paddys. We also had a lovely ramble around the Rising Sun Country Park and saw a swan with her three cygnets. Let me know if you get a chance to get out and about this week.

A little message from Mrs Mackie!

Hello my wonderful 3JW crew,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the different tasks that Mrs Westwood has been putting on the blog! I certainly am enjoying many of the tasks with my Year 1 bubble. I particularly enjoyed the inventions week and we had a lot of fun making paper plate marble runs ( I actually borrowed the idea from Mrs Westwood!) I also really enjoyed the recent phone calls that I was able to make to some of you- it was so lovely to hear all of your lovely voices after such a long time! I have been missing you all so much and I am certainly looking forward to September when we will hopefully be all back together and I can see you again. I have been keeping pretty busy otherwise at home with my cheeky trio! We have been having lots of fun especially with being able to go more places recently! Well that’s all from me – I hope you all have a wonderful summer and continue to stay safe and well.

Love from Mrs Mackie x